Cowboy Technical Remote Recording Packages


We offer a variety of packages for multitrack recording in the remote situation. 

If you want to record a live CD from your shows or record in your favorite rehearsal place. We are equipped to help you.

Multitrack remote recording featuring Focusrite ISA mic pres. 

Package 1) We do the multitrack of your gig. You take the sound files and mix them where you feel comfortable. Cost $350.

Lakeside Lounge

Mercury Lounge

Bowery Poetry Club

Highline Ballroom 

Kenny’s Castaways

Joe’s Pub

Package 2) One of our engineers mixes your show “in the box”. Using the plugins and automation on board the computer,. Cost $350 for the recording and $300/day (a 45 minute set should be done in a day) for the mix. 

Package 3) The full blown analog mix at Cowboy Technical Services. Mixing your performance through our NEOTEK Elan console and our vast amount of modern and vintage outboard gear. 

Package 4) Is a variable of package 1. If you want to do a remote at your favorite place ie. Your country house or your rehearsal space we can do that as well. The base price would be $500/day and additional charges would depend on the amount of extra equipment needed. If your are interested please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Video Option

We at this time offering a video option. A 2 camera shoot with small cameras that can be edited together and linked in with your remote recording. The cost is an extra $200 for the raw shoot, which you receive on 2 dvd’s one dvd from each camera. Editing available at $50/hr. 

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Cowboy Technical Remote Recording Rig Gear

FOCUSRITE 828 ISA 8 ch mic pre w digital outputs

FOCUSRITE 428 ISA 4 ch mic pre w digital outputs

EARTHWORKS stereo mic pre FOCUSRITE Saffire 56 i/o w 8 mic pre

MOTU 896firewireinterface


Powerconditioner, Isolated signal spliters


16 track 96k capable. 

24 track 48k capable. 

Protools, Logic or Digital Performer